Saturday, February 27, 2016

Love In Penang

Ever since I'm back to Penang, life has been quiet. Friends are getting lesser and lesser. It seems less and less meaningful to have a lot of friends around. But more to the quality friendship I'm looking forward. I do miss the life with great friends around. However, I also do accept the fact that this life is not for me anymore at this age.

In December, I meet this guy Vin. Our first meeting was pretty good. We both aced at the first impression. Unfortunately, I could barely accept him being shorter than me. Hence, I wrote a message to him saying you'd be happier with a shorter girl.

Then, he was constantly calling me despite being rejected. All this calls lasted for 2 months plus. And then it gets colder and colder. He doesn't seems to want to be in relationship that much. Priority was put at the least. He wanted to do many other things but not much focus wanted to put on relationship.

I question him and also question myself. What's the point spending happy good times together when the reason for all that was just to have fun and fun that he won't give much damn when you seriously needs him uh? With all the fun, with all the limited resources we both had how the heck we can buy;d a nice home together? What's in it for the huge desire for love relationship inside my heart? Where does it leads me to?

We both love each other but then not sure of how to march forward together.

Is this man my destiny? What will my future looks like? Can I leave the rest to God? Will I be alright in the years to come?

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